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Ceremony of Mosque and Social Foundation in ITOB OIZ

The groundbreaking ceremony was made in 19 June 2014. Ekrem Demirtaş, Chairman of the Executive Board of ITOB and Izmir Chamber of Commerce; Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; Prof. Dr. Oğuz Esen Izmir University of Economics Rector; Prof. Dr. Murat Aşkar, Izmir University of Economics Vice Rector; Prof. Ramazan Muslu, Mufti province of Izmir; Izmir Chamber of Commerce Council Members and ITOB Businessmen attended the ceremony.

Chairman of the Executive Board of ITOB and Izmir Chamber of Commerce Ekrem Demirtaş remarked the growth of the zone in his speech:

“Today 105 companies is active in ITOB. İzmir Sciencepark will locate on the land of 23000 square meters in ITOB. All companies who make R&D and innovation activities in this technopark, will benefit exemption of tax and government incentives.”, he said.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Aziz Kocaoğlu remarked his happiness for wittnessingthe development of ITOB and congratulate ITOB team for their efforts.