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Izmir Sciencepark construction has started

Izmir University of Economics and Izmir Chamber of Commerce was established under the leadership of the Science and Technology Park of Izmir Technology Development Zone ( Izmir Sciencepark ) İTOB construction began in Organized Industrial Zone . 
Completed at the end of the year, the first mortar Izmir Sciencepark poured by Ekrem Demirtaş, Izmir University of Economics ( IUE ) Board of Trustees Chairman and İzmir Sciencepark Chairman of the Board; Prof. Dr. Oguz Esen IUE Rector and İzmir Sciencepark Deputy Chairman of the Board and faculty members .

Ekrem Demirtas, IUE Board of Trustees Chairman and İzmir Sciencepark Chairman of the Board “April 14, established in 2001 Izmir University of Economics is a historic moment when they lived, Bilimpark the construction of a new note , with the start date falls” , he said. President Demirtas, "14 years is very important strides into entered. Izmir Sciencepark the introduction of a complete turning point would be. Upcoming third millennium Turkey to prepare the young generation for all kinds of scientific opportunity to work finding is of great importance. Elections due ceremony, we did not. Then Izmir Sciencepark a decent ceremony will be organized. Construction until completion entrepreneurs office allocation made ​​our will and 2015 since the beginning of Izmir Sciencepark actively put into operation.", he said

Prof. Dr. Oguz Esen IUE Rector and İzmir Sciencepark Deputy Chairman of the Board, a historic moment, said the university's social sciences today mainly a technical university established an important step towards becoming stressed. IUE - Izmir Sciencepark technical and technological aspects will be improved reporting of Prof. Dr. Esen, "Scientific research is a value transformation will be here. Obtained from here will fund research to return to such a mutual interaction Izmir University of Economics, technical and technological aspects will be enhanced.” he said. 

‘Izmir Sciencepark Brain Drain to Reduce’

Architectural project, IUE Department of Fine Arts and Design Faculty of Architecture, designed by faculty and students in the building , R&D , innovation and reach the size of the software will accelerate the production of ideas . Entrepreneurs, will offer counselling services and capital support in Izmir Sciencepark a strong entrepreneur-investor-industry network will be created. Turkey is the owner of the patent and copyright will contribute to increasing the number of areas in the Aegean region also developed products and software will facilitate the international market infrastructure and communication channels will be created. Izmir out of the targeted technology development to reduce the brain drain in the city's strategic priorities of the regional R&D and innovation capacity will be increased. Izmir's brand value will be revealed.