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You have an idea but no capital or knowledge and experience for incorporation. Then the right address: Izmir Sciencepark

Izmir Sciencepark offers a great opportunity for young people who are currently studying or are graduates of our universities and have an idea for a new technological product but unable to implement it due to lack of capital and not knowing where to start.

Contact us for capital support, free consultancy and office services offered by Izmir Sciencepark.



R &D and Industry Together

Izmir Sciencepark, established by the private sector in Izmir, neighbors ITOB Organized Industrial Zone, one of the most modern Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs) of Izmir, with 100 active companies in 450 industrial parcels and 68 ongoing factory constructions.

Being near ITOB IOZ allows Izmir Sciencepark to have a key role in cooperation of science and technology.


Exchange of Experiences

Originating from the active and productive structure of Izmir business life and maintaining the dynamism of the private sector, Izmir Sciencepark will be a platform where both founding partners and successful business people from Izmir business life offer their success stories and experience in incorporation, institutionalization and product development to the participating entrepreneurs with original ideas.


A dynamic and productive structure

Izmir Sciencepark has the dynamism of private sector embracing the following active and productive structures of Izmir business life;

- Izmir University of Economics, the first foundation university in the Aegean Region,

- ITOB OIZ, one of the most modern IOZs of Izmir established by the private sector without any governmental support,

- Izmir Chamber of Commerce, which continuously prepares and implements projects for the development of urban   economy and life,

- A leading institution in Izmir agricultural life, Izmir Commodity Exchange which paved the way for the development of an   important institution such as Futures Market,

- Aegean Exporters’ Associations, the leader in the Aegean exports,

- Gazi Teknopark, having a team with 10 years of experience in managing technoparks,

- Ege University, one of the most established universities of Turkey,

- Özgörkey Gıda, KÜTAŞ, İMEKSAN Menfez Klima Sanayi, Polimek, Selen Kimya, KOD-A Bilişim, Vardarcı Makine and   Demirtaş Gıda, the leading private sector institutions of Izmir and Turkey.


Nature and Ecology

Neighboring Tahtalı Dam basin and productive agricultural land in the Menderes region of Izmir, Izmir Sciencepark provides a natural, clean, peaceful and sustainable work environment.


Distance to City Center

Izmir Bilimpark is;

18 km from Adnan Menderes Airport,

24 km from Aegean Free Zone,

32 km from Izmir city center,

35 km from Izmir Alsancak Port,

32-36 km from Izmir business centers,

35 km from Izmir University of Economics.


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Reasonable Renting and Service Prices for All Companies

In order to support R&D and innovation projects and to provide the companies with competitive edge, Izmir Sciencepark keeps its rental and service fees at minimum.


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