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The incentives and exemptions you can benefit from if you participate in Izmir Sciencepark

The earnings from software and R&D activities of the companies that will participate in Izmir Sciencepark are exempt from the corporate and income tax until 31.12.2023 within the framework of Technology Development Zones Law No. 4691.

The wages of the R&D and support personnel who will work in Izmir Sciencepark are exempt from any tax until 31.12.2023.

Delivery and services, such as systems management, data management, business practices, sectorial, internet, mobile and military command and control application software, produced by companies in Izmir Sciencepark are exempt from value-added tax.

50% of the employer’s insurance premiums for the company personnel employed in Izmir Bilimpark is subsidized by the Ministry of Finance within the framework of the Law on Support of the Research and Development Activities No. 5746.

If companies in Izmir Sciencepark mass produce and market the products developed through their software and R&D activities in the park, the portion of their earnings corresponding to intangible rights such as licenses and patents are exempted from corporate and income tax within the scope of Corporation Tax General Notice (serial no: 1) by the Ministry of Finance.

Income earned by the academic staff employed in Izmir Sciencepark is considered outside the scope of the working capital of the universities they are affiliated with.

With the permission of the Executive Board of their universities, academic staff members can start a company, become a partner and/or hold an administrative position in an existing company in Izmir Sciencepark in order to commercialize the results of their research.

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