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Vision and Mission



To activate the creative and productive tradition of the Aegean region, the hometown of science,

To turn knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit into highly added values,

To become a high-profile and leading science and technology park in the international R & D arena, innovation and ecosystem of state-of-the-art technology.






- To facilitate and accelerate the transfer of high-tech product and software ideas into production

- To offer infrastructure and consultancy services as well as capital support needed for high-tech product and software   ideas

- To create a powerful Network of Entrepreneur-Investor-Industrialist

- To contribute directly to an increase in the number of our national patents and copyrights

- To establish the infrastructure and communication channels that will facilitate the distribution of the products and software   developed in our region to international markets

- To decrease the brain drain from Izmir

- To contribute to the development of regional R&D and innovative capacity, one of the strategic priorities of Izmir, and to   increase the brand value of Izmir.